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Pressure to write something equally good?
Arthur Golden: That is a terrific question, and the answer is yes - very much so!Se una geisha decide di fare sesso lo fa esclusivamente per una scelta personale come donna durante la vita privata e non come una prestazione dovuta al termine di una serata con i clienti.Arthur Golden: It is true that I scrapped the novel after meeting a geisha, and in a strange way, I was pleased to.For me, the experience amsterdam mature escorts of writing from the point of view of a woman simply involved imagining how the character might react to what had happened to her - not how I would react, but escort belgië how she would react.But when I researched the subject of geisha I changed topics.Arthur Golden: First of all, it feels great!Arthur Golden: You would be surprised how ignorant most Japanese are on the subject of geisha, but it is safe to say this kind of exploitation was frowned upon in ways it wasn't 50 years ago.Arthur Golden: I did know that the novel would cover quite a span of history, and this thought appealed.How would you describe the geisha?I just wanted to know how I should interpret this introduction, in which he relates a series of interviews with a geisha, as I understand the content of the book is mostly fiction.In questo articolo ho utilizzato molte volte il termine geishe ma è corretto?Arthur Golden: I can only guess, since I have never paid myself, and my research focused on the time period before the war.Foto: Piotr Kloczkowski/Dreamstime, ti consiglio di venire in Giappone con.It will not be about Japan, but I would rather not say anymore about.Penny from Nashville, TN: I heard that after you met a real Kyoto geisha, you scrapped your first draft entirely.Jonathan from Seattle: My wife and I saw you at the recent NW Bookfest!Fate attenzione però: non tutte le geishe che vedete sono reali, a Kyoto infatti è possibile farsi truccare e vestire da geisha per fare alcune fotografie ricordo e in molte poi girano così la sera proprio per suscitare la curiosità dei turisti in attesa.Many times I thought of ideas, but I couldn't manage to get them properly written on the page.Il viaggio di gruppo in Giappone con più successo in Italia, organizzato da me!But to name a few things: I wrote a scene in which a geisha put on her makeup and got all the facts wrong; I didn't understand the extreme importance of kimono in that culture; and I didn't have any idea about the ways.
Vedere una geisha, a Tokyo ci sono molte più geishe di quante ce ne siano.

Sometimes that means telling stories, sometimes it means just being arm candy, and at other times it can also involve sex.
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Arthur Golden: The content is entirely fiction, although the historic facts of a geisha's life are accurate.