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Bullock tends to wetgeving rond prostitutie refer to these crimes as a "social service" and feels that the victims had it coming and the world is a better place without them.
Unwitting Instigator of Doom : The homeless woman who frees Hugo Strange's creations from the bus at the end of Season.
Gordon is repeatedly warned that if he goes against the system, he will not last long in the gcpd.
One member who was supposedly a close friend with Thomas Wayne helped to clean up any evidence that might trace back to them.Mid-Season Twist : "Penguin's Umbrella" reveals in its final moments that Cobblepot has been working for Falcone since the pilot, and everything he's done since has been part of a plan to eliminate Falcone's enemies and disloyal lieutenants.Of course, this is before his daten voor sex transition From Nobody to Nightmare.Johnson Donald Beaver Donald Chinn Donald.Meanwhile Arkham inmate uniforms are a very old fashioned black and white striped pattern and the women's version is a dress.Downer Beginning : "Mommy's Little Monster" opens with Oswald's mother getting killed by Tabitha, immediately after she is set free from imprisonment.The untrained lunatics hit almost every shot, while the supposedly trained cops don't even so much as wound them.Beautiful Dreamer : In "Spirit of the Goat Selina sneaks into the Wayne Manor and watches a sleeping Bruce with a small smile on her face.The story is ambiguous concerning whether this actually happened, or if it was a consensual tryst that the woman claimed was rape because she was arranged to marry another man.Possibly also averted, since the second half of Season 2 focuses heavily on what the corrupt elements in Gotham are doing with Arkham.Fire/Ice Duo :.Butch becomes this to Penguin after being brainwashed by Victor Zsasz, and serves as his escort en brussel Dragon until the brainwashing is broken in "By Fire".And we haven't even met a particular psychopath who's dying to put a smile on every victim's face.It was actually Cobblepot who engineered everything, in order to get closer to Maroni, and heat up tensions between the mob bosses for his own ends.Ivy's plant obsession appears to be fueled by a need for escapism.Played straight with Edward Nygma failing to kill Jim Gordon immediately after knocking him out.I want Victor to freeze him again.In this continuity, Joe Chill isn't the one that murdered the Waynes.Medication Tampering : The father of Oswald Cobblepot explains to him that he has a heart condition, a hole in his heart that does not seems to resolve itself despite the medication he takes.