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An effort by Maritime Command to update their existing stock of naval escorts, the delex program affected 16 ships in total and came in several different formats depending on the class of ship it was being applied.
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24 Kootenay was paid off on 18 December 1996 and was also sold for use as an artificial reef off Mexico.
135 a b c d e f g h Gardiner and Chumbley,.Boutiller, James.,.17 For the Restigouche s this meant updating their sensor, weapon and communications systems.In November 1981, after cracks were discovered in the superheater heads of Ottawa, all of Canada's steam-driven destroyers were inspected.Laurent and Her Successors.Gardiner, Robert; Chumbley, Stephen; Budzbon, Przemysław, eds.Placed on stabilized mountings, the projectiles always entered the water at the same angle.The Restigouche s were equipped with one twin mount of Vickers 3-inch (76 mm 70 calibre Mk 6 dual-purpose guns forward and maintained a one twin mount of 3-inch/50 calibre Mk 22 guns aft used in the preceding class.278 a b c Barrie and Macpherson tilburg prive ontvangst (1996.Kootenay DDE 258 Burrard Dry Dock Ltd., North Vancouver ever 18 December 1996 Sunk as an artificial reef off Mexico in 2001.4 All three were discarded in the early 1990s, with Chaudière and Columbia become artificial reefs while.317 a b c Milner,.Combat Fleets of the World 197879.
Croix later in 1958 and Gatineau, Kootenay, Columbia, Terra Nova and Chaudière in 1959.