Centaurium bordeel

centaurium bordeel

Centaurium erythraea, common name(s Common or European agence escort Centaury, synonyme(s Erythraea centaurium,.
Link) Laínz des tonsures hygrophiles inondables, thermophiles, subméditerranéennes, mésotrophiles, bassin méditerranéen occidental.
Petite-centaurée commune ou, petite-centaurée rouge, Érythrée centaurium erythraea, rafn) est une plante herbacée annuelle ou bisannuelle de la famille des.As discussed earlier, the herb centaury has derived its name from the legendary centaur in Greek mythology named Chiron, who is believed to be an expert in herbal medications.Aire de répartition : atlantique, eurasiatique, méditerranéen occidental, méditerranéen oriental.Skin Ointment.00g /.41oz.99 Nail Ointment.00g /.71oz.99 Omega-3 Moisturizing Face Cream.00ml /.03floz.99 Anti-Aging Face Cream.00ml /.03floz.99 Happy, Calm Focused 90 capsules /.99 Comments.The term erythrae too has been drawn from the Greek word denoting red and refers to the red colored flowers of the herb.In fact, the similarities between these two had led some botanists in the early days to classify the genus Gentiana as Centaury Gentian or Gentiana centaurium.After the centaury plant is dried, it is administered in the form of infusion or powder.Apart from the Centaury species found in England, further species grown in the southern regions of Europe, the Azores and other places bear flowers that have a yellowish or pink hue.It may be noted here that centaury is considered to be the most effective herb among all the plants having bitter flavour and exceptional common tonics or stimulating properties.The fruits borne by Centaurium erythraea or the European centaury have a cylindrical form and are generally of the size of a capsule.However, the leaves growing on the stem are relatively smaller, have a pale green hue, and are lance-shaped and structured in pairs at regular spaces.